About Us

About The Designer
Andre' T. Thornton, Sr.
Born and raised in Newark, NJ where his ambition and vision helped create the clothing line.
A young man's dream to not just work for someone else catapulted him into the position of CEO within a major clothing line. Simple and direct in his approach a good listener, humble yet a straight shooter in his speech. A man who lives by the phrase; "Chance favors the prepared mind"
The plan is to give the fashion world something it is missing.
About The Company
The birth and concept of Street Mode - Twenty2 began in the mind of Andre Thornton. Street Mode - Twenty2 are two separate, yet distinct, lines that will revolutionize Urban and High End Fashion. These lines will concentrate their efforts towards the men and women who have been waiting for clothing designed specifically for the hard to fit, Most clothing companies design clothes that fit the 'standard sizes (36 waist for men, size 8 for women). However, we all know that not everyone is the same size or shape. Street Mode - Twenty2 designs their clothes to allow extra room in those special designated areas (i.e. thighs, seat, length and waist, etc) to allow a comfortable fit.
The first two lines are Street Mode. The meaning behind it is simple:
Street equates to the Struggle
Mode stands for Maintain or Die Easily
So once looked at together: Struggle to Maintain or Die Easily PERIOD
Now within that definition there obviously is a date the Struggle began and that year is 1865. For the uninformed, that is the year slavery was abolished; the genesis when all people of color began the Struggle to Maintain.
The Street Mode line will cater towards casual urban wear and will consist of, but will not be limited to, shirts, jeans, sweaters, fleece and velour suits, denim suits, leather and suede products, footwear, hats, etc.
The second line of clothing is Twenty2, the concept behind it being: "Any two things that are the same, is in a sense, a direct reflection of each other" (i.e.: identical twins). So Twenty2 is a direct reflection of Street Mode in the lines of clothing. This line will cater towards the well dressed and will consist of slacks, button down shirts, golf shirts, suits, dresses, purses, colognes, perfumes, sunglasses, watches and others.